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Using a sharpening stone can be difficult to use when trying to sharpen a knife. You have to be very careful to keep the angle of the blade in relation to the stone the same the entire time you are sharpening your knife. If you do not know how to sharpen a knife correctly on a stone, it is very easy to make the knife duller than it was before the sharpening.

This is why there are products like the 2-step knife sharpener that claim to sharpen a knife2-Step Knife Sharpener easily in only 10 seconds. The Smith's 2-step knife sharpener claims that after only a few swipes through the carbide side and then through the ceramic side you will have a sharp knife.

This product will not be able to sharpen a knife such as the Ozark Trail dollar pocketknife, but it will be able to sharpen knives that only a little dull. The knife sharpener is sold for less than $3 and for the price it works well but if you need to do some serious sharpening then you are still better off learning how to use a real sharpening stone.