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While a quiz is usually not the best means to test what a scout knows it is the fastest way to test his knowledge. The following quiz can be used to make sure a scout has learned everything he needs to know to earn the Firem'n Chit.

Fire Quiz

True/False(Please write out word)
______1. All flammable vegetation should be al least 3 feet in all directions from a fire.
______2. A jug of water and/or a shovel should be near a fire at all times. ______3. There can still be a fire if no flame or smoke can be seen.
______4. Using gasoline or other flammable liquid to help start a fire is alright as long as you don't add more after you have lit a match.
______5. It is okay to play with burning sticks as long as they are in the fire circle.
______6. Evidence of fires disappear in only a few days.

Fill-in(Put the correct word on the blanks)
7. In many public parks & camp grounds you may need a __________ to build a fire.
8. Sometimes it is better to use a __________ than a fire.
9. If there is not already a fire circle at a campsite then you can use a __________ or you can remove ___________ when needing to build a fire. 10. Never leave a burning fire or stove __________.
11. Rocks used for a fire circle should be _________ __________ after you are done using a fire.
12. When putting out a fire first __________ the embers then sprinkle __________ on the embers until the fire is out.
13. Always keep a campfire under __________ __________.

Short Answer(Answer the following questions by using complete sentences or phrases)
14. How is it possible to tell if a fire is totally out?

15. If water in not available or is scarce what can be put on a fire to put it out?

Answers to the Quiz

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