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If you think you need the answers to the quiz. Here they are.

Fire Quiz
True/False(Please write out word)
False 1. All flammable vegetation should be al least 3 feet in all direction from a fire.
True 2. A jug of water and/or a shovel should be near a fire at all times.
True 3. There can still be a fire if no flame or smoke can be seen.
False 4. Using gasoline or other flammable liquid to help start a fire is alright to use as long as you don't add more after you have lit a match.
False 5. It is okay to play with burning sticks as long as they are in the fire circle.
False 6. Evidence of fires disappear in only a few days.

Fill-in(Put the correct word on the blanks)
7. In many public parks & camp grounds you may need a permit to build a fire.
8. Sometimes it is better to use a stove than a fire.
9. If there is not already a fire circle at a campsite then you can use a ground cover, stove or you can remove sod when needing to build a fire.
10. Never leave a burning fire or stove unattended, burning.
11. Rocks used for a fire circle should be turned over, put back after you are done using a fire.
12. When putting out a fire first spread out, disperse the embers then sprinkle water on the embers until the fire is out.
13. Always keep a campfire under complete control.

Short Answer(Answer the following questions by using one or two complete sentences)
14. How is it possible to tell if a fire is totally out?
You can put you hand just above the ashes and there is not heat coming from them.

15. If water in not available or is scarce what can be put on a fire to put it out? You can use sand or dirt to put out the fire.