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Have you ever wondered if your campsite was as safe as it could be? The following list is intended to help you know what you should watch out for when trying to make a safe and enjoyable campsite. This list can also be used for a game. Using the list a scout leader can setup an unsafe campsite and the scouts need to figure out what is wrong with it.

1. Camp stove fuel stored in water bottles or bottles not approved to store fuel
2. Stove not on level surface
3. Stove fuel containers left open and not stored away
4. Very large pot on a small stove
5. Wrong fuel used for the type of stove being used
6. Unpurified water used for drinking
7. Food scraps left around cooking area
8. Perishable food left lying around
9. Non-perishable food packaging is torn or ripped. Food is spilling out and not stored right
10. Broken glass containers not disposed of properly, left laying around
11. Bear bag is only a few feet off the ground against a tree
12. Dirty cook kit tossed around
13. Wash basins left with filthy water in them and dirty dishes left in them
14. Trash throw at end of table not in a bag
15. Plastic bags thrown into fire
16. Cold water used to wash dishes and no soap and/or sanitizer is used
17. Rocks in the middle of the campsite that not part of fire ring
18. Dining fly set up wrong, could come down over kitchen or stove
19. Matches thrown in bag and left by fire
20. Tent stakes and other objects stuck in ground and being used to hold down tent
21. Broken ax being used in ax yard
22. Knife with rusted blade used to prepare food
23. Cooking stove inside tent
24. Fire build over sandstone or other volatile rock
25. Old damaged cooler left open with food inside it
26. Only two wash basins used for cleanup
27. Candle in tent
28. Not enough fire buckets
29. Old bandages in first aid kit, expired medicine in first aid kit
30. Dishes flat on drying towel - no air circulation
31. Cooking stove to close to end of table
32. Fork in table
33. Cooking griddle lying on ground
34. Knife stuck in table
35. Sugar in tent
36. Dirty drinking cups on ground
37. Rope tossed on ground
38. Food tossed around campsite
39. Air mattress being used during winter campout
40. Cotton shirt using during winter campout
41. Tennis shoes used while at a winter campout
42. Spray can by the fire
43. Empty water jug thrown on side by fire
44. Ax yard directly under a low branch of a tree
45. Tent set up over a puddle
46. Lantern inside a tent
47. Ax lying in or on the ground
48. Saw with saw blade up uncovered leaning up against a tree
49. Food and drink in tent
50. Large fixed blade out of sheath thrown in tent
51. No first aid kit or parts of it spread out and missing
52. Fire not made in fire pit, made around flammable objects(dead grass, twigs, things on ground that burn easily)
53. Tent to close to fire
54. Latrine to close to water
55. Fire wood thrown around campsite
56. Tent not set up correctly
57. Empty fire bucket by tent
58. Ax yard not roped off