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Living as an Eagle Scout Print E-mail

You always hear people say "Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout. That phrase is very true, and during the few years I have been an Eagle Scout, there are a few things I have learned.

There are expectations set for an Eagle Scout. They are expected to set an example for other Scouts and to become the leaders in life as have demonstrated to be in Scouting.

Some people know what must be done to become an Eagle Scout while others do not but most people you will meet know it is something great and with that gives you a special responsibility, as others will look upon you for guidance and leadership.

As you go through life, you represent all other Eagle Scouts by your actions. So it is important to never forget what is learned on your way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

And as you leave this court of honor today and go on with your lives, I ask you to do one thing. Never forget a scout is trustworthy. It is the first point of the scout law and the most important point to guide your way through life.

A trustworthy scout is one that lives their life with honor others can depend on. As an adult you face situations were there is nothing to tell you how to handle it. However, if you use what you have learned from scouting to do the right thing, you will gain the trust of others. With a solid foundation of trust, you will be able to become leaders in life as you have in scouting.

To the scouts that are here today, I encourage you to become Eagle Scouts too for it is only after you become an Eagle Scout will you truly know what great honor and admiration it brings.