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Borchester 2000 Badge

In May of 2000 I went to the Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee. The purpose of the camporee is to bring Boy and Girls Scout troops from the US and Canada together for a weekend of events and displays. At the 2000 camporee 3200 scouts and almost as many adults attended. To the left is the official Dorchester patch from the 2000 camporee.

Below are a couple of pictures that were taken showing how big the camporee was. If you click on the pictures you can see bigger images of them.

This picture shows some of the scouts that were at the camporee. This picture only shows about half of all the scouts that attended.

Scouts from DIBC 2000

Below is a picture of the camping area. This picture shows were all of the troops camped. The size of the troops that attended ranged from only a few scouts to over 70 scouts. In the upper right corner of the pictures you can see the parking lot filled with cars with license plates from all over the US and Canada. To the right is a picture of just a few of the scouts that attended.

DIBC 2000 Campsite

If a scout or scouter helps run one of the fifty events they receive a pin that looks like the one on the right.

DIBC 2000 Pin

The official Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee