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Mike and Ike candy has been made since 1940 and is sold in vending machines across the country so it is not surprising that you can buy large bags of the candy. What is surprising is that you can buy five-pound bags of Mike and Ike candy at Walmart. Who needs 5 pounds of Mike and Ike candy? Do vendors buy their candy supplies from Walmart? Are people so fat and addicted to candy they are able to eat five pounds of candy without getting sick?Mike and Ike Candy Bag

If someone was to eat and entire five pounds of Mike and Ike candy, would it really be that bad for them? One Serving is 23 pieces or 150 calories; there are 57 servings in a five-pound bag giving you a total of 8550 calories. If you base your diet or lack there of on 2000 calories per day the bag will give you 4.275 days worth of food (yes Mike and Ike candy is technically a food) Mike and Ike candy has no fat so you will die of a heart attack. If you did eat the entire bag, you would only eat 1425mg of salt, which is only 57% of your daily intake of sodium.

The only thing that is in Mike and Ike candy is sugar. The entire huge bag contains 2052 grams of carbohydrates which is 684 percent of your daily recommended intake of carbs but if you were to keep to your 2000 calorie diet and eat the bag over 4.275 days you would only be at 160 percent of your daily intake of carbs. The bag also contains 1311 grams of sugar. You might not die of a heart attack after eating nothing but Mike and Ike candy, you might just be a diabetic afterwards but if you thought eating that much candy was a good idea in the first place, you are probably already a diabetic.

We are still left with one of my original questions. Who at Walmart thought it would be a good idea to sell huge bags of candy.