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Energy mints are nothing new, even before products with Taurine and Guarana became extreme_mints.jpgbig business, there were mints that had caffeine such as Penguin mints that have been around for the last decade. Just take one look around thinkgeek.com and you will find a huge line of mints that contain caffeine so when I was at the Walmart checkout line and I saw VOJO Extreme Energy mints I wondered what was so extreme about them. After trying them they are not a bad product even if I think they are a little expensive at $1.50 for about 40 mints but I do not see what is so extreme about them.

Extreme - of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average; exceeding the bounds of moderation*

I have a problem with products that have extreme in their name or slogan. They are hardly ever "extreme". If you are going to market something as extreme it has to be different or unusual, there has to be something that clearly differentiates it from all other products on the market. A few years ago I saw extreme white bread for sale at a local store, I wish I took pictures to prove that at one point a company was trying to actually sell white bread as an extreme product, what could possibly so extreme as a common staple of modern life such as sliced white bread?

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