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Everest Gum TinEverest Powerful mint gum is as advertised. The gum contains a very powerful mint flavor using peppermint oil and wintergreen oil (depending on whether you buy the peppermint or wintergreen variants). The mint favor is a little strange and is not your typical mint flavor gum you would expect to taste from other gums. The mint flavor is very strong and does not loose flavor very quickly.

Everest Gum

The gum comes in two sizes. It comes in tins the size of an altoid tin and comes with about 35 pieces. The other size tin is about half the size of the larger tin and contains about eleven pieces.

If you are looking for a different tasting mint gum or a gum that keeps its flavor then Everest Powerful mint gum is worth a try if you can find it.

A few people have contacted me where to the Everest gum, however at this time I am not aware of any place selling still selling this gum and as far as I can tell it is no longer made. The last time I saw this gum for purchase was in 2006.

The retail price of the larger 1.5 ounce tin was $1.99.