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Converting your Maglite Flashlight to use LEDs is no longer a hard task like it use to be. A trip to Walmart, 5 minutes and $5 will convert your MagLite to use LEDs. Converting to LEDs oppose to using traditional incandescent bulbs will give you longer batteries life (up to four times longer), and LEDs that will last up to 100,000 hours of use.

The product I used to convert my Mini Maglite was the Nite Ize L.E.D. upgrade kit available in the outdoor section of Walmart. Walmart sells the product for about $5.

To use the product remove your old reflector and insert the new one provided in the upgrade kit. The next step is to remove your old incandescent bulb and insert your new LEDs. The last step is to screw the head of the flashlight on and your done.

As said earlier the pros is this conversion are longer battery life and a longer lasting lamp life. The three LEDs together provide more light than the old single bulb. The biggest disadvantage is the flashlight only works in flood mode and will no longer work in spotlight mode. For most people only having the flashlight work in flood mode will not be a big a significant disadvantage to not use the conversion kit. Another reason that could be a problem for some is that while the LEDs are suppose to be white they do give off a blue hue so they are not pure white lights. The last thing one should consider before using the conversion kit is that it will void the warrenty of the Maglight flashlight.

LED Conversion Kit
Nite Ize L.E.D. Conversion kit
LEDs installed into Maglite Flashlight
LEDs installed into Maglite Flashlight
Maglite LED conversion
Maglite LED conversion Complete