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The idea of a finger light is nothing new; they have been around for some time howeverUniversal Finger Light for the last couple of years Walmart has been selling what has to be the cheapest finger light you can find. For $1.82, you can get a finger light that is a flashlight and attaches to your finger. It is an inch long, uses three button batteries to power a blue LED and attaches to your finger using Velcro.

The Universal Finger Light does work as it is suppose to but it is more of a novelty than a practical flashlight. If you are working in a small area and need some light, it would work well but you would never be able to use the light to find a dark path in middle of the night. Where the Finger Light really shines so to speak is by adding atmosphere for people going clubbing or at a concert. If you put several people together who had Finger Lights and they started moving around it would give a cool looking effect in a dark club.

The biggest complaint I have about this product is the batteries are suppose to be replaceable but I was unable to remove to the cover to replace the batteries but at the price the flashlight is sold for you would be better off replacing the entire thing.

I received this a few days ago through our contact page and thought it was worth adding to this page. I do realize it sounds like a piece of marketing from the manufacture of the Finger Light but I have no way to prove that it is. Name: No Name Given

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Comment: The Finger light is exactly what it is advertised as....a light for your finger...Not a Flashlight for finding your way on dark pathways! I find it odd that some people buy something for what it is Not intended or advertised, and then complain when it won't perform when used in a 'misapplication'. As for the batteries, I removed the small phillips head screw, opened the access door, and removed the batteries. The batteries are qty. 3 LR1130 watch batteries @ 1.5V-68mAh each. Easy to load batteries back into the compartment (Polarity is cast into the plastic for easy identification)....and reinstall the screw! Piece of Cake!...and a great little light to boot!