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The Belkin Mobile Power Cord allows iPod owners to charge their iPod using their car'scar_adapter_sm.jpg power source. This allows the use of an iPod in a car without the worry of draining their iPod batteries. The Mobile Power Cord also has the ability to power the Belkin Tunecast II Mobile FM transmitter which too has just been released by Belkin. Read a review of the iTrip FM transmitter.

The Mobile Power Cord works in the same way most car cell phone chargers work. One end of the cord is plugged in the the bottom of the iPod and the other end is plugged into a car's cigarette lighter. One problem that was noted when using the Mobile Power Cord is it seemed to require more force then should be necessary to plug the cord into the cigarette lighter.

This is not the first time Belkin has released a product to allow iPod users to connect their iPod to their car batteries. Their first product was called 'Auto kit for iPod w/ Dock connector' (Auto Kit).

The main difference between the Mobile Power Cord and the Auto Kit for the iPod is the price. The new Mobile Power Cord has a retail price of $20 while the Auto Kit has a retail price of $40. The obvious difference between the two is the cable used for both products. The cable on the Mobile Power Cord is not a thick and does not appear that it will able to make as much abuse as the thicker cable used for the Auto Kit.

The other differences between the two products are the Mobile Power Cord as stated above can power the TuneCast II, includes a fuse to help protect your iPod from power surges, while the Auto Kit comes with an audio jack and volume control so you have a another way to adjust the volume of you iPod.

The Belkin Mobile Power Cord does work as advertised, it keeps your iPod battery charged while using it. If you use your iPod on long car trips or forget to charge you iPod before using it in your car then the Mobile Power Cord is a must have.