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Model : F1DJ102P-B


• Controls 2 PS/2 computers from 1 console (keyboard and mouse)

• Mouse and keyboard emulation ensure smooth boot-up and operation

• Hot-key functionality switches ports easily Includes 2 6-foot OmniView KVM cable kits (four PS/2 cables and two VGA cables)

• Emulates keyboard and mouse

• Supports almost all computers and Operating Systems that use PS/2 keyboards and mice.

• An optional power supply can be used but not required

• Allows hot-key switching using scroll lock key

• No drivers required

• Inexpensive Retail $59.99. Can be found online for about $25.


• Only allows you to two buttons on the mouse (left and right). No mouse wheel support.
• Hard to place on table due to placement of cables (See note below).

The Belkin PS/2 KVM allows you to connect one monitor, PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse to two computers. The keyboard and mouse emulation allows both computers to believe a keyboard and mouse is connected directly to it. Comes complete with all required cables. Many KVMs require cables to be purchased separately.

The biggest problem with the Belkin PS/2 KVM is the placement of the cables around it. The placement of the cables makes it hard to place on a desk or table due to the amount of room it takes up. Most KVMs have all connectors for cables in the back of the device making it easy to place the KVM at the edge of a desk or table.

The other problem with the Belkin PS/2 KVM is only two mouse buttons are supported. A mouse with more than two buttons can be used but only two buttons will function. Scroll wheels on mice will also not function with the KVM. If you require a KVM that supports more than two buttons or the wheel there are some available however they are more costly than the Belkin PS/2 KVM.