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SPARCstation 10 specs

Processor(s): SuperSPARC at 33, 36, 40, 45, and 50MHz; 86.1-96.2 MIPS. Up to four CPUs with two CPUs per MBUS card to allow multiprocsssing. (SuperSPARC@40mhz in the computer pictured below)
Motherboard: 501-1733/2259/2274
Chassis type: square pizza box
Bus: SBus, 4 slots and Mbus, 2 slots
Memory: Up to 512MB RAM using 64MB DSIMMS. 16MB and 64MB DSIMMS may be used. Eight DSIMM slots available. See below to determine how to identify the proper size of a DSIMM for the sparc 10. (64MB, of RAM in the computer pictured below)
SCSI Adapter: 10-MB/sec SCSI adapter; compatible with 5-MB/sec peripherals.
Hard Drive: Up to two 535MB or 1GB internal drives. (535MB drive in the computer pictured below)
SPARCstation 10SX: Accelerated 24-bit 2-D/3-D graphics and imaging, high-speed convolution, rotation, panning, zooming, color conversion, 24-bit copy double buffering, 24-bit Z-buffering, Gouraud shading, 1280 x 1024 resolution.

SPARCstation 10TurboGX: 8-bit, 2-D/3-D wireframe, 1152 x 900 resolution. (Video card in the computer pictured below)

SPARCstation 10TurboGXplus: 8-bit 2-D/3-D wireframe, 1152 x 900 or 1280 x 1024 resolution, hardware double buffering.

SPARCstation 10ZX: High-performance 3-D graphics, 24-bit double buffer, 24-bit Z-buffer, transparency, Gouraud shading, nonuniform rational b-splines, antialiasing, depth cueing, stereo-ready, 1280 x 1024 resolution.

Video Connector
: 13W3
TPE Port
: 10BaseT (TPE) ethernet port.
Serial Ports: Two RS-232C/RS423 serial ports
Parallel Port: 1
Audio: 16-bit audio, 8 to 48 kHz
ISDN: Built-in dual basic-rate ISDN support
SBus: Four expansion slots; 32-bit data bus width
Keyboard: Sun Type 5; AT 101 or UNIX layout available
Mouse: Optical, 3-button, requires metal mouse pad
Architecture: sun4m
Floppy: 1.44M 3.5" floppy, MS-DOS compatible.
Weight: approx. 21 pounds
Notes: Code name for 10/41 "Campus-2".
Introduction Date: May 1992
Discontinued Date: October 1994
End of Support Life: October 1999

Model Mhz
10/20 33
10/30 36
10/40 40
10/402 40x2
10/41 40
10/412 40x2
10/51 50
10/512 50x2
10/514 50x4

Size of a DSIMM

To determine the size of the DSIMM look at the bar code on the DSIMM. Bellow the bar code will be a serries of numbers. The 16MB DSIMM starts with 5012273. The 64MB DSIMM starts with 5012480

Spaec 10 Corner Sparc 10 open
Back of Sparc 10 Sparc 10 open
Super SPARC CPU Video Card
Sparc 10 Open Sparc 10 Open

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