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The Apple IIc was the first attempt of Apple to make a portable AppleII computer. The computer included a 5.25" disk drive and keyboard enclosed inside a slim case, which has a handle in the back to make it east to carry. As an option, a mouse and joystick could be purchased.

The Apple IIc had five revisions before production discontinued. The revisions identified byAppleIIc_and_moniter.jpg the ROM version beginning with ROM 255, then 0, 3, 4, and 5. ROM version 5 also identified as Apple IIc+. The biggest changes included in ROM version 5 was a 3.5" floppy drive, internal power supply (the four previous versions had an external power brick as seen in the picture below), and a faster 4 MHz processor (the other versions had a 1 MHz processor).

The Apple IIc came standard with a 9" green monochrome monitor however; it was possible to buy a LCD panel to make the Apple IIc more portable.

The IIc had a built in 140kB 5.25" disk drive. An external 5.25" disk drive could be added to the IIc. The later version of the IIc, the IIc+ came with a built in 800KB 3.5".

The Apple IIc came with 128Kb of RAM and later versions made it possible to increase the RAM to a maximum of 1MB. The computer also came with a 32kB ROM chip.

Additional Apple IIc details:
Codename: ET, IIb, IIp, Pippin, VLC, Elf, Yoda, Teddy, Chels, Jason, Lollie
CPU: SynerTek 65C02
CPU Speed: IIc 1 MHz / IIc+ 4 MHz
FPU: none
Bus Speed: IIc 1 MHz / IIc+ 4 MHz
Data Path: 8 bit
Maximum Resolution: 40/80 text, 40x40 4-bit, 80x40 4-bit, 140x192 6-color, 280x192 1-bit, 140x192 4-bit, 560x192 1-bit
I/O PORTS:  Monitor, Joystick/Mouse, RGB, Floppy Disk, 2 RS232c Serial Ports
Speaker: mono
Size: 29(W) x 31(D) x 6(H) cm.
Power: 15 volt, 1.2 Amps, 18 Watts,
Price: $1,300

Introduced: April 1984
Terminated: November 1990